XOXO 2020 is over ♥

XOXO 2020 has now concluded

Thank you to every creator who participated, and players who joined in the fun. We hoped you won lots of cool prizes ♥

Stay tuned for the Halloween edition. Keep updated either by subscribing to the TriEvents Kiosk inworld or by keeping an eye on Hocus Pocus site.

In the next few weeks, we will be collecting feedback.

Feedback form will be sent out to designers and all TriEvents subscribers and those who bought the HUD from Marketplace and inworld. Feel free to ignore the form but this is also the best opportunity to yell at us XD

If you can’t wait for the feedback form, you can always IM any of the admins your concerns directly.

  • Zuleicca Resident
  • Pixie Ruby
  • Horrorcherry Resident

Thank you again and hope to see you for Halloween!

How it works

How it works

Find out how the ‘hunt’ works



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