XOXO 2017 – Love is in the air! ♥

It’s here! Grab your HUD! Grab your HUD from the TriEvents office or from the Marketplace – it’s free! You don’t need the HUD to play, but it will be useful because you can preview the prizes and TP from the HUD. ++TriEvents Office++ ++Marketplace++ How it works Between Feb 11th – Feb 25th, 2017, TP toContinue reading “XOXO 2017 – Love is in the air! ♥”

XOXO Hunt 2017 – Coming soon!

++Creator? Application here!++ If you enjoyed the Hocus Pocus hunt last two Halloweens and XOXO last year, we hope yous will enjoy this too.😀 The format is the same. If you are new to our hunt, allow me to serenade you with an explanation, mi amor! The concept: Our hunt gives you a chance ofContinue reading “XOXO Hunt 2017 – Coming soon!”