XOXO Hunt – Happy Valentine!


And we are live!

♥♥ View the Catalog here ♥♥

 ♥♥ Get the HUD inworld here. ♥♥

♥♥ Get the HUD on Marketplace here ♥♥

(You don’t need the HUD to do the hunt – we just love to spoil you!)


XOXO Hunt – Coming soon! \o/

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Poems are hard,

So just read this blog post for the info

Hellooooo poppets! 😀

Look what we have for you!


If you enjoyed the Hocus Pocus hunt last Halloween, we hope you will enjoy this too. 😀 The format is the same, with a codeword change, of course.

If you are new to our hunt, allow me to serenade you with an explanation, mi amor!

The concept:

Between Feb 14th and Feb 21st, TP to any of the participating creators’ store and find their loveletter.

Our hunt gives you a chance of either:

  • Getting the item for free, depending on your kissing luck.
  • …or buy the item for 50L.

All you have to do is locate the easel and the loveletter.

…I have to kiss the envelope?

  • Only if you want to! (But we, er, highly discourage you from doing it. Splinters, you see?)
  • Once you find the the easel + the loveletter, say ‘XOXO’ in local chat.
  • If you’re lucky, the loveletter will fall in love with your seducing skills and give you the item for free!
  • If you’re unlucky, you really have to practice your envelope kissing skills.
  • Unfortunately, you have to wait for another 24 hours before you can kiss the envelope again. (It needs time to dry out from all the kissings, ok)
  • But if you are impatient, don’t like cooties and you NEED THE THING NOW, then you can buy the item from the easel for only 50L, woohoo!

Can I gift the item?

This is creators’ choice – we will leave it up to them to offer gifting options.

However, you won’t be able to gift item you won from the loveletter unless the creator made it transferrable.

Good luck and keep your eyes peeled for a list of creators! 😀