XOXO 2018 Hunt – Creator App

XOXO 2018 Poster Second Life


The main aim for XOXO event is to pull traffic into your mainstore – show mainstore shopping some loving while providing fun and value to customers.

How it works: Customers TP into your store and find the Heart Box (hunt object) with your item in it. They say ‘xoxo’ in local chat and they will either

  1. Win the item for free (15% chance to win) or
  2. Not win the item, and have to wait another 24 hours before they can try again.
  3. If they prefer not to wait, they can buy it outright from your vendor for 50L.

Important Dates & Info

  • Event Date: Feb 9th – Feb 18th, 2018
  • Fee: 350L (pay only after acceptance)
  • Theme: Valentine, Love, Romantic….or even Anti-Valentine! ( TLDR: make whatever you like)
  • Venue: Your mainstore! \o/
  • Last day to apply: Jan 14th, 2018 (we will be sending out acceptance NC throughout the app opening ♥)
  • Ad pics request: Feb 7th-Feb 8th, 2018
  • You MUST setup and be ready for our walkthrough by: Feb 8th, 2018, 6pm SLT.

ABSOLUTELY important note about being late:

  • We do not accept lateness and we are serious. No extensions, no negotiations.
    • If you’ve been with us for past Hocus Pocus and XOXO events, you know we  have zero tolerance with lateness.
    • Your setup must be finished by Feb 8th6pm SLT. This gives us time to check your setup and remedy any errors.
    • We take no pleasure in saying “No, we cannot include you”. So please don’t be late.
  • There are no refunds so please make sure you CAN commit to the dates.
  • The date is not a mystery to you. Please prepare for emergencies.
  • If you are not setup by the time we do our walkthrough on 6pm on Feb 8th, your store will not be included in the HUD or gallery.
  • We understand that things happens and we will accept all and every excuse. However, if you are late, you are late and this rule is non-negotiable for any and all reasons whatsoever.

About the Theme

  1. Theme is guide only. Basically, make whatever you want!
  2. We do suggest Valentine or Anti-Valentine items due to the time period. However, again, feel free to make whatever you want. You want Christmas in February? Go for it!


  1. No copyright or IP infringing materials — either in your store or with your XOXO item. You’re not new to business in SL, so this should be common knowledge!
  2. XOXO item must be priced at 50L throughout the duration of the event. No more, no less.
  3. The win probability must be set at 15% and above, no less.
  4. New or recoloured only — please do not set an existing item as your XOXO items.
  5. Only ONE item/package per store. It can be a new single item, or one item priced at 50L from a new set of releases. You can take advantage of this event to make a  set of mainstore release where one set is for XOXO. 🙂
  6. The item sold MUST be the same item as the prize. The idea is to give customers a chance to get it for free or for 50L.
  7. It will be helpful if the heart box is in clear view to your customers or easily found. It’s not really a hunt, so let’s not torture them. 😀
  8. Feel free to do whatever you wish with your item after Feb 18th (put it for full price, set it as group gift etc, retire it), but not before.
  9. If you plan on retiring your item, please let us know so that we can include that in the advertising.

A note to template users:

Please make sure your template provider(s) allow for the item to be given away as freebies or sold for under 50L.

  • Make sure to read their TOS.
  • If you need a Release/Info Letter from us to send to the Full-Perm Meshmaker, please let us know.
  • However, we cannot guarantee that they will agree to it.

 ++I’ve read all the rules, send me the application!++

Questions? Direct it to:

  • Zuleicca Resident
  • Horrorcherry Resident
  • Pixie Ruby